55mins | $79 per person

Bringing your body back to homeostasis

Kick start your wellness with this amazing whole body treatment. Our therapist will consult with you prior with your concerns and facilitate the use of essential oils to maximise your wellness. Our essential oils are used specifically to target areas of concern within your body to create a whole body homeostasis. (Balance). We start your treatment with a 20min magnesium foot soak with essential oils specifically chosen by your spa therapist. 

 Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive, complementary therapy that treats the whole body through the stimulation of reflex points located on the feet. Reflexology works with the body’s energy flow to assist its own natural healing process. By applying pressure to specific areas of the feet which correspond to all parts, glands and organs of the body, reflexology stimulates nerve pathways and improves the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids, helping the body to restore and maintain balance .
Each reflexology session is a 35 minute treatment which includes a 5 minute client consultation to determine areas of concern or avoidance and a selection of essential oils is individualised to each client for those concerns.


Magnesium Foot Spa

   30 min | $30 per person

    An essential grounding Spa for your feet

Sit back and relax in our salt room or individual treatment room, with a magnesium foot spa,  essential oils, flower petals and nourishing coconut oil. Your feet after soaking are dried and placed on a cushioned foot rest and treated with a spray of our very own magnesium oil, made in store.



Aids with digestion, regulates calcium in body, prevention of osteoporosis, essential for heart health, great for muscular aches & spasms, beneficial for migraines & headaches.


Ionic Foot Detox

   30 min | $30 per person

A detox ritual for the feet to benefit the whole body.

Relax whilst we kick start a detox for your whole body with the simple and ancient Chinese method of an Ionic foot spa. Your feet are submersed in our foot spa and an array is placed in between your feet with a pinch of himalayan salt.  Our machine is then put into detox mode and ready to start the electrolysis process in which stimulates your endocrine system. The water will start to turn a tea like colour which is evident that the electrolysis process is starting.  You will be required to drink a substantial amount of water throughout the day to help your body flush the toxins.


Rebalances hormones & metabolism, reduces toxic waste such as heavy metals, reduces pain & inflammation, improves immune function.


Island Foot Pamper

   30 min | $59 per person

A beautiful sensory Fijian foot ritual to invigorate your senses.

Relax whilst we soak your feet in a warm coconut & Rose milk bath. each foot is then raised, our beautiful sugar scrub is used to exfoliate your soles to your knees in long strokes to loosen dead skin cells and awaken youthful skin. Moringa body butter is applied and massaged in rythmic motions to revive circulation and relax tired feet and muscles.

Refreshments are available during this treatment, please choose from our espresso bar prior to your appointment starting. This treatment is the perfect start or finish to a facial or massage.


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